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Hostels in San Marino

Welcome to the 2 Hostels in San Marino. San Marino is a fantastic country to visit with its combinations of busy and vibrant towns and cities as well as quieter rural locations allowing you explore the countryside of San Marino. Just read the short descriptions below for each of the featured hostels. If you want to narrow down your search to a particular destination in San Marino please use the menu on the right.

Hostel San Marino


Overall: 78%
Atmosphere: 76.8%
Staff: 88%
Location: 62.4%
Cleanliness: 88.8%
Facilities: 72%
Safety: 87.2%
Fun: 65.6%
Value for money: 83.2%

Via 28 Luglio, 224
Borgo Maggiore

San Marino
San Marino


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The Hostel San Marino is a new hostel, equipped with all the modern comforts required for a modern and avant-garde Hostel offering affordable accommodation for travelers of all types.

Affitta Camere Franciosi


Overall: 76%
Atmosphere: 77.6%
Staff: 80.8%
Location: 80.8%
Cleanliness: 84.8%
Facilities: 69.6%
Safety: 85.6%
Fun: 49.6%
Value for money: 79.2%

via Sentier Rosso, 9

San Marino
San Marino


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In the Heart of San Marino. Nice and clean rooms.



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